Table of Contents


  • Roughly 5 pages for an individual researcher (1250 words in Times Roman)
  • Roughly 10 pages for a team of 2 researchers (2500 words in Times Roman)

  • 2-3 research sources in addition to class materials

  • Explanation of philosopher’s thought on a particular topic
  • Criticisms made by other thinkers about philosopher’s position
  • Possible replies the philosopher could make about those criticisms

  • Take advantage of what the internet makes possible
    • Find Images, Video, Sound,
    • Create Tags for your page
    • Look for Hyperlinks to other responsible resources on the web

Proper Citations
  • All sources—primary, secondary, internet—should be properly cited in a Works Cited section

Wiki Topics

for Existentialism

  • Absurdism
    • Beckett, Waiting for Godot, compared to existentialist theory/drama
  • Precursors to Existentialism
    • Nietzsche
    • Kierkegaard
    • Kafka
    • Pirandello, Six Characters
  • Marcel
    • Problem and Mystery
    • Availability and Unavailability
    • Presence and Intersubjectivity
    • Mind-Body Dualism
    • The Broken World as exemplifying Marcellian thought
    • Additional topics: faith, fidelity,
  • Camus
    • The Absurd as Feeling and Concept
    • Revolt and the meaning of life
    • Caligula
    • Rebellion and ethics
    • Camus and the problem of evil
    • Camus and political violence
    • Camus and Sartre
    • Camus and Art
  • Sartre
    • Being
    • The Flies
    • No Exit
    • Others/Intersubjectivity
    • Bad Faith