Introduction -
The Authoritarian Personality is a book written by Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno and other members of the Frankfurt School in relation to social discrimination. Having been published around 1950, it focuses on the rise of an “anthropological” species referred to as the “authoritarian type of man” whose self-contradictive character structure made him the study of interest of many.
The rise of Nazi Germany and the newly formed political system of fascism were events that deeply brought about the need to understand society no longer through the Marxist way of economics, but through the study of socio-psychological research.
Fascism –
A form of totalitarianism, fascism has its roots in early 20th century Italy. From the Latin word fasces, meaning bundle, fascism depicts a type of government that revolves around the idea of anti-individualism and the glorification of the nation and the state over one’s self. In a fascist government, there is no “I”, but “we.”